It's your space – use it!

Perhaps without knowing it, you already own valuable advertising space.

The walls, floors and doors of your business can make a LARGE statement, reinforcing your brand and message.


Advertise everywhere!

Businesses want the best locations to purchase advertising for maximum exposure.

With eye-catching vehicle wraps you won’t have to choose one location, you’ll advertise everywhere.


Walls, floors & doors – wrap ’em!

Have you ever seen a huge advertisement on an entire door, wall or hallway?
Perhaps you thought it was a painting, and while you would like to have something similar for your own company, you figured the expense out of your budget. Well, we can tell you that this remarkably effective form of advertising is not only affordable, but something we can make a reality for you.

Advertising Gold

A well-placed and larger-than-life ad is always thought to reach the masses and net some return on the advertising dollar. Unfortunately, that ad space is either already taken, too expensive, or both.

You may not know it, but you could be sitting on advertising gold! The walls, floors and doors of your office, building and warehouse space are extremely valuable advertising spaces that you can utilize with well-designed graphics to establish your brand and impress your future clients (leading to sales!).

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Advertisement everywhere!

Where should you purchase advertising? Where will it get the most exposure?
You likely already have a mobile canvas that can expose your brand and message more effectively than conventional methods.
Getting an amazing vehicle wrap that will get noticed is easier than you think!

Getting Noticed

Ok, we understand your trouble: getting exposure. Not much seems to help. You have a website, but hardly anyone visits. You have a sign on the road, but few notice. You have an ad in the phone book and that helps a little. A TV spot would get you a lot of exposure – if you had endless coffers full of gold to pay for it. Let’s face it, for a TV ad to be effective, it needs to be primetime and airing more than once. You need money to get noticed, but you don’t have money because you’re not noticed.

What else can you do?

Have you considered a vehicle wrap?

Oh, They’ll Look

We’ve all seen them. They are unmistakable. A vehicle wrap – when you see it, you definitely take notice – especially if it was created here at emediagroup. We design our vehicle wraps in a way to gain maximum exposure, but never at the expense of good design. Oh, and by the way, that wrap, it’s a one time fee. You don’t ever have to worry about monthly payments. Starting to sound like a no-brainer, huh?

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